FTP: File Transfer Protocol

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is the method of choice for sending large files across the Internet.

FTP bypasses the file-size restrictions imposed by most email systems.

File sizes are getting bigger! Businesss and individuals are increasingly sending pictures, graphical files, images, CAD files and large data files, and these can not be reliably sent as email attachments.

The answer for reliable sending of large files is using FTP with download links. It's easy!

Send your large files with FTP and download links:
Open FTP-Link by clicking on the Personal FTP desktop icon: 
 Select the files you want to upload. Click “Upload All.”

After the ftp upload, a new email will automatically open.
The email will contain download links to your files.

Address and send. Your recipient clicks on the links, or
pastes them in his browser to
download your files.

Quick and Easy How-to

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