Windows are a prominent feature of nearly every building. Sometimes they perform well, and sometimes not so well. Window consultants help architects, engineers, contractors and building owners make decisions about windows for new construction, window replacement or refurbishment. There are many choices to make. And even more decisions when things go wrong.

As window consultants, we provide the benefit of our 37 years of experience in the window industry to these professionals. We provide them with critical information about windows.

We can help you with these important choices…

  • Window design pressure: What is appropriate for the project?
  • Window frame material: Aluminum, wood, clad, vinyl or fiberglass?
  • Window, window wall or curtainwall: Which do I need?
  • Window frame performance: What CRF (Condensation Resistance Factor)is appropriate?
  • Window frame finish: What performance level should be specified?
  • Window operation: Pros and cons of various types of operation?
  • Window ventilation: How much ventilation can be expected through the open sash?
  • Window air infiltration: How much is appropriate for the building?
  • Window screens: What screen material and frame type, how it attaches to the window?
  • Window hardware: What hardware is easy to use, is ADA accessible, and will last?
  • Window safety: Should limit stops be used? What method of operation is safest?
  • Window customization: How can I go about realistically designing custom windows?
  • Window replacement: How much of the existing window should be removed?
  • Window replacement: What is the best detail for adapting a new window to an existing condition?
  • Window refurbishment: Is it possible to make this old window new again?
  • Window historic renovation: What modifications can and cannot be done?
  • Window sealants: What are the best materials? What joint size and detail will last longest?
  • Window warranties: What time duration? What should it cover?

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  1. Sir: I consult you because Ic6p8 have a leak between the top of aluminum frame of window in my living room. The leak has been going on for years. Numerous personnel have work in it including an engineer and it still persist. This happens ever since I change this window and place new frames in a new configuration of the glass window. My apartment is on the 17th floor. It faces the northeast of the island and when heavy rains in this direction hit the glass, water leaks strictly at the border of the top frame The y have place sealant like sikaflex and the leak still prevails. Just like shutters were removed and the area where the frame and the building is, and seal it and everything fails. I I I am so frustrated. Can you help me?

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